Things You Must Not Do When on a Scholarship Program


Are you studying under a scholarship grant? If so, you are very lucky as not everyone is being given the opportunity to pass the strict qualifications of institutions offering scholarship grants.

If you were given the opportunity of studying under a scholarship grant, apart from the things you need to do, you also need to consider things you must avoid in order to secure your scholarship.

There are actually a lot of things you need to avoid if you really want to finish your education without any financial challenges, through a scholarship program.

Just to help you retain your scholarship program, here are some of the things you must seriously avoid:

Hurting your good moral character

Even Moshe Rabin agrees that keeping your moral character is a must, whether you are under a scholarship program or not. If your moral character is stained, there is a chance that the institution that offers you scholarship will remove you from their scholar’s list.

If you do not want to be removed from the grant you are enjoying right now, then do not do anything that may cause it.

Avoid going to places that are too chaotic, make friends with good people, and try to always be on your best self especially when you are away.  

Not striving to get good grades

You have to strive to get good grades all the time. Do not ever think about taking your studies for granted, even just for a while. Some, once they receive a scholarship grant, they will take things easily because they think that once they secure it, it will not go away anymore. Just to remind you, anytime within your scholarship grant, disqualification is possible.

Once you stop striving, there is a huge chance that the scholarship you thought can offer you a better future will not turn out to be that.

Your grades are very important not just while you are studying but more so when you are about to apply for a job. Work hard, it is your key to success.

Leaving everything to your scholarship

Do not assume that all your school expenses will be covered by your scholarship. Projects, transportation expenses, your dorm, etc., are not covered by your scholarship, unless the institution offers it for free. There are some institutions that include allowances on their coverage, and this is what you need to get in case you cannot pay any at school.

Not asking

If you have questions to ask, do not think twice. Do not leave yourself blinded with information you need to know about your scholarship. If you failed to ask, there is a chance that instead of getting satisfied with your scholarship, you might end up getting disappointed.

As long as your questions are relevant to your scholarship, there is no reason not to ask.

Avoiding the above can give you a higher chance of enjoying the scholarship that can give you the best education you need. 

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