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Scholarship for Student Entrepreneurs

The Moshe Rabin Scholarship for Student Entrepreneurs provides scholarship funding for students who plan to launch a business when they are finished with school.  Moshe understands the difficult road ahead that young entrepreneurs face, and he would like to give back to a deserving student with his $1,000 scholarship fund.

Who is it for?

The Moshe Rabin Scholarship for Young Entrepreneurs is available to all university students and high school students who are studying business and plan to launch their own company upon graduation. Moshe realizes how difficult it is for students trying to launch a business, especially when they may be carrying student debt, and he would like to give back a little with his fund, which will reward a future business leader with $1,000.


Rabbi Moshe Rabin

rabbi moshe rabin

Rabbi at Rohr Bais Chaya Synagogues

Moshe Rabin is Executive Director of Rohr Bais Chaya Academy, Rabbi of Rohr Bais Chaya Synagogues, and President/Rabbi at The Alliance for Education.  Moshe received his Rabbinical Ordination from Tomchei Temimmim Rabbinical School in Brussels, Belgium


Learn About The Scholarship

Moshe understands the difficult road ahead for young entrepreneurs as they go over their dreams of starting and growing a business.  The path can be rewarding but also very challenging.  For this reason, Moshe would like to give back a little to the next generation of entrepreneurs with his scholarship fund.  Students are welcomed to apply by following the apply link where there are full details on how to apply.  Students can enter our essay contest and we will choose a winner and reward the deserving student with our scholarship funding.

Earn Money Towards Your Education

The costs of education are continuously rising, and Moshe completely understands the financial burden that this can put on students, especially those that are trying to launch a business and may also have debt from student loans to take care of.  Every bit helps, and Moshe hopes that through the fund, more awareness will be generated to open up more opportunities to young entrepreneurs, and a deserving student will be awarded our $1,000 scholarship.


Learn More About The Moshe Rabin Scholarship

If you need to learn more about the scholarship fund, you can reach out by using the form on the contact page, and someone will get back to you right away.  We welcome any universities and schools that want to collaborate with our scholarship fund, just reach out and find out how you can get involved.  We would like to wish luck to all of the students that apply with the contest and in your future businesses that are sure to be world changing.


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